PROXY Customization – The Freeware tools to automate IE PROXY Settings.

Internet Explorer PROXY settings is an important issue for System Administrator. This is essential for LAN & MAN connected users. The PROXY can be set up manually through logging in local computer or through remote login. 

PROXY Customization is useful to customize PROXY for large number of computers at a while. (Group) Mail the batch & instruct the user(s) to run the “PROXY Customization.vbs” for once. Or put the batch in a share folder & instruct the user(s) to access the tools from there. Download PROXY Customization v1.0.

Figure 15.1 - Run PROXY Off.vbs to disable PROXY Or run PROXY  Customization.vbs to  enable & set PROXY
1. Disabling PROXY.
2. Enable PROXY to a custom ip & port.
3. Bypassing PROXY to local address & adding exception.

Figure 15.2 - Seting PROXY IP & Port and adding Exception
You just need to change the PROXY Server ip & port with your own. To set your own ip & port edit the “PROXY On & Set.reg” file.     

That’s all. You are ready to use PROXY Customization. For more help please read Help & ReadMe.txt.


  1. the script is not available anymore. Can you post it again?


  2. Thanks Duarte. The script has been restored. Please recheck it.

  3. hi great script
    is there an addon that also enables the tick box for "bypass proxy server for local addresses"?
    when you enable the proxy it unticks this.
    but great script

  4. Hi Leo mago,


    The above code in registry works for bypass proxy server for local address 192.168.*.* &

    However, if the script not works for u then let me know further. Though I have not checked the script's compatibility in IE8 & later, soon I will check these.

  5. Hi..useful information!!..actually i am very new to this..i want to automate the Internet Explorer settings using batch file.i.e.
    Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN settings and i want to un-check all the check boxes except "Automatically detect settings". and save it..
    So if i am using below code and saving it in .REG extension and using MERGE then will my file be automated:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

    Please help me out!!!!

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