BackupMe  - The Freeware Backing up solution for Windows
Version 2.0

BackupMe is an utility to backing up user profile in Windows. It is possible to use the utility manually or to hang with Schedule Task as a start up program or through other suitable schedule. 


1. Backing up user profile's "Desktop".
2. Backing up user profile's "My Documents".
3. Backing up Outlook Email from Outlook 2003 default path.
4. Backing up "Outlook.NK2" which is often termed as Outlook cache contacts.
5. Backing up "Favorites".
6. Backing up Firefox Bookmarks as "Profiles".
7. Backing up Opera 7 Bookmarks as "opera6.adr".
8. Backing up Opera 8 & 9 Bookmarks as "opera6.adr.
9. Backing up Netscape Bookmarks as "browser-prefs.js ".
10. SYNCHRONIZED backing up approach.
11. LOG maintenance as "LOG-BackupMe2.0.txt".
12. Silent backing up option.


1. Run BackupMe.cmd once to start backing up process or hang the file with Schedule Task as a startup program or others.

Figure 13.1 - Use BackupMe 2.0.cmd for visual process & BackupMe(s).vbs for silent process
 2. To run the backing up process silently run or schedule the "BackupMe(s).vbs" file with Schedule Task as a start up program or others..   

3. Default destination path is "D:\BackupMe_%UserName%". The destination path can be changed through editing the file named BackupMe2.0.bat under the location "BackupMe2.0\Tools" in the
section "Destination Path of BackupMe". 

Download BackupMe 2.0 (MediaFire). 
Download BackupMe 2.0 (Ziddu). 
You can also download it from the Product page.

Note: It is recommended that please read the ReadMe.txt file before using the software.