Basic understanding of RSS

[] What is RSS, RSS Feed & RSS tools?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication & the latest version is RSS 2.0. This is the most convenient way to push the content out to other sites in a particular format. When someone like the unique content of your post then the reader or webmaster may like to receive the update further when you would publish & RSS is the bridge among the publisher, the webmaster & the reader. In general, this is a way to publish frequently updated works.

RSS Feed:
The updated document, content or work is commonly termed as a Feed or Web Feed or RSS Channel or RSS Stream or RSS Feed.

RSS Tools:
There is a number of free RSS tools in the web market among those FeedBurner is one of them.

Figure 13.1 - Subscription to Post & All Comments via RSS

[] What are the benefits of using RSS?

Benefits of Publisher:

1. Convenient content distribution process. With RSS, virtually it is possible to capture & display your business at any external site, giving you an opportunity to ‘spread out’ your business.
2. Increase traffic. With RSS, traffic will be directed to your site while readers of content find them interesting and would be ‘forced’ to click on the link back to your site.
3. Convenient in regular content updates. With RSS, web feed can now be automatically updated within short time interval.
4. Marketing. With RSS, it is being spread out your business environment visited through the targeted client.
5. RSS readers can be termed as faithful readers.

Benefits of Reader:

1. As an RSS Reader, you would get all the new content from all your subscribed sites all in one place. That is hassle free.
2. Time & effort saving since there is no need to read the whole content except the updated information & no need to visit every site particularly.
3. Get notified of new individual content without checking all other content of a site.
4. Anonymous subscription to a feed eliminates repeated submission of email address.
5. Stop receiving the feed simply deleting it from Reading List.

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