Tips to write SEO friendly post

Writing SEO friendly post or article is an ordinary but effective blog promotional issue. While writing for readers then bear it mind to consider the web crawlers SEO friendly format implementing in the post to drive regular traffic in blog.

  1. Choosing right keyword: Research about the targeted keyword before to start writing any article. Getting regular visitors to the post targeted keyword is one of major issue. Use Google insight for search to see what the world is searching for.

  1. Multiple uses of keyword in multiple positions: Using the targeted keyword multiple times in post is also an important tip to write SEO friendly post. Must use the targeted keyword (Example: write SEO friendly post) in the post title, headline of sections, first of the paragraph & in sentences.  Even start the post mentioning the keyword beginning of the sentence as well as use it as the last word of the article.  

  1. Linking issues: Search engine consider the words or phrase linked to the post & the linked word should according to the targeted or researched keyword. Always use reliable source of information as reference in the post. Link to others bloggers, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.     

  1. Categories blog content through tag: Tags are usually the internal links to other post & pages on the blog. Tags help organize the blog both for human & search engine to find what they are looking for.

  1. Other SEO terms to consider
-          It should be use sub head line in post when possible & applicable using related keywords in them. The post headline is already in h1. Sub-headlines lead to <h2> to <h6>.  
-          It should be highlight certain words with bolding & italics which is a little significance for SEO. It can be use <b> or <strong> tags for bolding & <i> or <em> tags for italic a certain word.  

Remember, content is the king, don’t mess up on this issue! And make a classic outline of the content through dividing content in introduction, main content, and conclusion. With SEO, it is being helped the search engines to index the content better. Just we need to wait & start observing benefits after writing SEO friendly post.    

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