Keyboard stops working after shift key held too long!

Pressing SHIFT KEY too long is useful sometimes like preventing auto login to login as another user. Improper use of the key may cause a problem like keyboard may stop working normally after run windows while it was working in bios mode. To resolve the problem follow the instruction:

Accessibility Options

 Go to Control Panel then double click on "Accessibility Options" by default "Keyboard" tab will appear on it.

Settings For Filterkeys

Click on "Settings" under "FilterKeys" tab then deselect "Use shortcut" option from "Keyboard shortcut" tab.

Settings For ToggleKeys

Click on "Settings" under "ToggleKeys" tab then deselect "Use shortcut" from "Keyboard shortcut".

Check the KEYBOARD and it should be work!!

Still KEYBOARD not responding? We need to perform a little additional task.

Deselect Filter & Toggle Keys Options

Uncheck the "Use FilterKeys" & "Use ToggleKeys" options from "Keyboard" tab on "Accessibility Options".
The KEYBOARD should work now.

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  1. its actually worked!!!!!!

    thanks :))